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ATW Adventures is a pioneering Gold Coast based leisure consultancy dedicated to bringing the enjoyment and relaxation of watersports to everyone. With a focus on lifestyle and adventure, ATW Adventures offers a unique opportunity to dive into the world of water-based activities and turn your passion into a thriving business.

Through partnerships with exclusive brands, ATW Adventures can get you onboard with the latest craze in waterbiking by providing everything you need to start your own watersports rental business and take control of your future.

Join us in shaping a new era of leisure and adventure on the water.

international recognition

Leveraging access to a successful and internationally recognised brand, ATW Adventures can create you a unique business opportunity with reliable and proven equipment.

proven business models

From our experience supplying waterbikes to rental business of all kinds, we have a variety of businesses models to offer. 

Why not start your own adventure?

Talk to us about your unique lifestyle business today

waterbike options

Choose the number and type of bikes to suit your rental needs and let us build you a business to suit.  Or choose one of our pre-made packages.

bikeboat upright

Chiliboats single seat bike with upright seating position for ultimate performance and  traditional “road bike” feeling

bikeboat recumbent

Chiliboats single seat waterbike with laid back seat position for a relaxed riding experience

chiliboat tandem

Chiliboats tandem waterbike. Perfect to share with a friend, partner or child. Available in recumbent or upright seating or a mix to suit your particular requirements

bikeboat deck


Accessories available to customise your fleet