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Business Packages

Business Packages

ATW Adventures provides a range of ready to operate business packages incorporating Chiliboats waterbikes giving you the opportunity to profit from an internationally established and proven business model.

With Chiliboats, you have the advantage of a growing international brand which is yet to reach its full potential in the Australia-Pacific region. The reason that Chiliboats represent one of the fastest growing watersports is not only because of their appeal to the general public, but due to them being the ideal choice for watersports tour & hire startups.

Chiliboats stand out compared to similar opportunities due to their minimal startup costs and exceptionally low ongoing operational expenses.

Business owners, as well as patrons, appreciate the lack of a learning curve, effortless riding,  the complete sense of safety, and the fun of gliding on the water.

With a proven global business model, you can either completely make your own rules, or benefit from the experience of others who have blazed the trail.

Chiliboats have proven in over 60 countries, how easy and fun it is to start and operate a successful watersports business.

You could enter an exciting growth market with minimal competition, benefiting from a trend which has gathered momentum all around the world. Waterbiking is a brand new activity that anybody can do!

Why not check out our range of pre-made business packages complete with administration documentation, website and start-up support.


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Business Packages

Take a look at some of our pre-made business packages below.

Business Starter Packages

  • Corsair
    • Our light weight business model allowing a low cost entry for those wanting to start out slowly. 

  • Flotilla
    • Our mid range business model suggested for those looking to build a fun and exciting lifestyle business.   This model allows flexibility to mix and match bikes to cater for a range of tour and rental scenarios.

  • Armada
    • The fully fledged business package also suitable for resorts, tour operators and fitness providers.

  • The Captain 
    • Have your own plan? Go it solo, tailor your own solution, then let us build the business that you want.
  • Loose Cannon
    • Just want a waterbike or two to add to your existing fleet.  We’ve got you covered!